02 – S1:Ep.2 – Meet Your Co-Host, Michelle Lewis

Today, Nicole interviews Michelle and gets her to talk about what she’s passionate about, some key parts of her backstory, and a bit about her obsession with leggings.

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Show Notes:

  • Nicole Lewis-Keeber of Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching introduces and interviews Michelle Lewis of The Blessings Butterfly: award-winning writer, speaker, women’s empowerment and body-positive advocate.  Creator and founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic health and wellness website dedicated to inspiring people to live a life they love and love the body they live in. #00:02:24.4#
  • Michelle talks about being a unicorn (a SoCal native), moving around, finding her way back to SoCal, and what she loves about the region.  Where she’s been and where she still would like to touch soil. #00:06:47.1#
  • How travel informs Michelle’s world view: the importance of seeing outside our own bubbles.  Her life-changing trip to Honduras. #00:13:56.1#
  • The importance of being seen and heard. #00:15:46.5#  #00:16:10.8#
  • How growing up in the 60s and 70s shaped her mission. #00:18:41.5#
  • Michelle shares about the long road to writing and the Blessings Butterfly: a book of affirmations. #00:24:03.6#
  • Body positivity and loving what you’ve got, moving what you’ve got. #00:25:54.2#
  • Saying what needs to be said. #00:26:57.6#
  • Nicole: Healing gets ugly; how to move it along faster. #00:28:44.3#
  • Music, “old frickin’ rock and roll,” and a favorite healing musician. #00:30:04.0#
  • What pants are.  #00:31:10.2#
  • How to be more joyful. #00:34:27.2#
  • Michelle’s definition of triumph, and what she wants to be known for, and what she wants to inspire in other people. #00:38:42.2#
  • Feel your “whoosh.” #00:39:41.4#

Michelle’s website and blog can be found at www.theblessingsbutterfly.com

For more information on her online holistic health and wellness program for bigger bodies, The Cocoon, please go to www.theblessingsbutterfly.com/the-cocoon-empowered-transformation/

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Special thanks to Angela at Angela Todd Transcription Services for her work on our show notes.

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