03 – S1:Ep.3 – Meet Your Co-Host, Nicole Lewis-Keeber

In today’s episode, the tables are turned as Michelle gets to interview Nicole and learn more about her powerful backstory. Listen in as we dive deep and talk about what motivated Nicole from early on to pursue her career in psychotherapy,  what she did to save her own life, and how her love for empowering women translates today into helping women make some damn money in their own right. “We don’t just play in the shallow water!”

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Show Notes:

Nicole Lewis-Keeber of Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching, psychotherapist, LCSW, MA in social work, and really cool life coach, Transformational Wealth coach. #00:01:59.1#

People and animals sought out Nicole’s help since her earliest days of being verbal and upright. #00:03:36.6#

Mental and behavioral health sciences call to Nicole. She has done her own work, shares her lessons, lives authentically, and never hides her mistakes. #00:05:58.6#

Why showing your shit is the entire platform for this podcast. #00:06:33.1#

Being a weird kid in corduroy was seen as rebellious. #00:08:05.7#

Being a sensitive intuitive empathic teen. #00:08:39.1#

Needing to understand why the adults in my life behaved in ways that were hurtful to people around them, because I knew they were good people. #00:10:11.1#

Getting into social work defended me from feeling it, so I got all up in my head about it. How an understanding of something can actually keep you from feeling it. #00:10:19.1#

Nicole time travels to three life crossroads times of her choosing. What she does and says in utero… #00:18:46.2#

How her badass inner teenager works in Nicole’s business. #00:19:31.2#

Our experiences stay with us, and enough of those experiences create inner peeps: inner mentors, inner wisdoms, archetypes. Your peeps — internal dialogue informed by the experiences you’ve had in your life. Those parts of us take over sometimes; they are driving the bus. #00:22:42.5#

They have an agenda to keep us safe; that agenda can create sabotaging behaviors — but they still have a message for us. Why Nicole does NOT want you to shut down your inner critic, but listen and figure out what the message is. #00:23:35.1#

Nicole’s advice on taking a break from interpersonal reactions with “external persons” not just the stuff going on internally. #00:24:07.6#

Nicole describes Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping (no special shoes required!) and how it reduces stress hormone, hones attention, and calms. #00:27:45.9#

Growing up with a learning disability and getting a late ADD diagnosis. What she did instead of algebra 2, and managing learning differences. #00:32:55.5#

“The world is going to try to put you in a box because that’s easiest and most efficient way to move us through life. But you don’t have to comply with that box.” #00:36:11.7#

Ruffles or Lays? #00:37:32.8#

Chocolate? Experimental martinis? #00:37:51.5#

How many marriages, how many cats? #00:41:18.9#

Strategies to help maintain a healthy work/life balance as someone who works in a home office — like a water bottle with a timer. Buy it here. #00:46:45.2#

Gastric bypass surgery, 2006. Using food to feel safe, grounded; it was a transitional object, soother, anger-buster. “The thought of living this life was too much.” It’s not an easy surgery; it’s not been an easy journey. #00:49:34.4#

This is judgment-free place for hard conversations — especially for women. Being taken advantage of because of my parts. Being objectified at the age of 12 because of boobs. #00:53:43.9#

We are still fighting for rights and we are still fighting for equality. They think it’s over and it’s just not true; we just abused ourselves by doing both jobs — the man’s job and the woman’s job. That’s not equality; that’s not freedom. My body is my body, you don’t get to tell me how to live in it, what to do with it and shut the fuck up. #00:54:41.2#

What Nicole does, as an empath, to protect herself from absorbing other people’s pain. #00:58:25.4# #00:58:52.2#

Michelle recommends Energetic Boundaries as a book to introduce folks to this realm. Buy it here. #00:59:11.9# Cyndi Dale, Energetic Boundaries

Nicole loves doing money mindset work. We start with money, but we don’t stay there long, there’s so much underneath that needs to be addressed. #00:59:52.0#

As women, financial freedom is one of the most important thing we can create for ourselves. It gives us options, a voice, and security. So I create a pathway for my clients. We uncover unconscious hidden beliefs; it really is deep. #01:00:49.4#

I love what it does for women to be able to change their relationship with their money so they don’t have to look to other people for it. #01:01:18.5#

Nicole gives an example of her clients’ work — their mindset and financial turnarounds. One “girlfriend don’t do nothing for free anymore. She was able to up-level her income by 30K within two months of us working together.” #01:04:40.4#

Nicole wants you to know: it’s okay to call it out for what it is. You can be funny and snarky around topics that are hard, but out is better than in, always.

When in doubt, sparkle that shit out.

Learn one of Nicole’s favorite mind-body tools here. Click to see EFT/Tapping video

For more information on what you can expect from working with Nicole, visit her website Nicole Lewis-Keeber.com

Other resources mentioned:  Geneen Roth, When Food Is Love  Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Anger    L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics   The Bangles cover of A Hazy Shade of Winter written by Simon & Garfunkle    Water Bottle with Timer 

Special thanks to Angela at Angela Todd Transcription Services for her work on our show notes.

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