04 – S1:Ep. 4 – Obstacles: Nice Try, Trauma

In today’s episode, Nicole and Michelle talk about facing the three types of obstacles- internal, external, and historical- and share how they found their power as a result of going through traumatic situations. 

*Sometimes we swear.

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WARNING: Some of the situations discussed in this episode may be triggering to some listeners.

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Written on Nicole’s arms: “TRAUMA + Nice Try”. Add the middle finger salute, and the message is that the trauma that tried to hold her back and hold her down isn’t stopping her.


Show Notes:

Three types of obstacles: as internal dialogues, as they present in our past life events, and relational day-to-day external obstacles — addressed with grace and love and sparkly shit. #00:02:26.0#

Internal dialogue has your attention 24/7 and can create obstacles. #00:04:33.0#

Internal voices are all the different languages that you speak to yourself throughout your day: influencers from your past, cheerleader, critic. #00:06:28.9#

They may not feel benevolent, but they are. #00:07:28.7#

Internal voices: obstacles, or messengers/angels/friends? #00:07:53.4#

What Michelle’s internal “shitty boss” said, how she disempowered that voice and used the information she uncovered to be productive. #00:12:20.6#

What happened when Nicole’s internal “itty bitty shitty committee” handed her as a lesson. #00:13:14.3#

What to do to keep those obsessive internal obstacles/thoughts away. #00:13:42.0#

Nicole’s “internal peeps” go networking, waste her time, then make a deal with her. #00:16:17.3#

Obstacles from the past: we are upright and verbal, so we got through them. #00:22:58.6#

Early physical abuse. “Even though I knew what I was experiencing was not okay, I was in the middle of it.” What it prepared her for. #00:24:58.4#

How Michelle got out of the loop of domestic partner violence. #00:26:26.1#

Being courageous, asking for help, telling the truth even when it’s terrifying. #00:29:02.2#

Embrace the beautiful soul that you are – to the world, and to yourself. #00:32:09.5#

External obstacles: it seems like someone puts them there purposefully. #00:33:53.7#

How to have a road map for your day (pick a grounding practice). #00:35:46.0#

Bopping along till you hit someone else’s shit — what Michelle wrapped around some angry little man in the parking lot. #00:38:17.2#

How we handle the external shit can raise our collective vibration. #00:39:40.8#

Don’t go through the rest of the day angry: how-to. #00:41:30.3#

We believe you are part of the most beautiful generation of beings. We are your cheerleaders. #00:43:42.8#

What we talk about can be triggering. Please reach out if you need to. #00:44:08.4#

Resources:  Survivors of Incest Anonymous   National Domestic Violence Hotline

Special thanks to Angela at Angela Todd Transcription Services for her work on our show notes.

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