05 – S1:Ep.5 – Things We Love

In today’s lighthearted episode, Michelle and Nicole talk about some of the things they love in life. The girls chat happy-hour style about some of their favorite current books and authors, TV shows, and guilty pleasures to their favorite go-to self-care methods, mantras/life quotes, the power of a good swear word and more.

*Sometimes we swear.

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The Sparkle Hour girls in New Orleans
That one time in New Orleans when we said, “We should start our own podcast!” Beignets & Booze may have been involved.


Show Notes:

Who has wind and who has a scratchy throat. #00:01:29.1#

Favorite books, self-care, guilty pleasures, and swear words. #00:02:26.7#

The book that teaches you to overcome your fear and to do what you want to do. #00:03:35.9#

The army that Michelle wants to join. #00:07:12.4#

The right here and right now care package for a blue-eyed young homeless man, and the book that inspired it. #00:12:28.3#

Carrie Fisher’s funny, insightful book on audio and who narrates the actual diary entries written during Carrie’s affairs with Harrison Ford. #00:16:58.5#

Self-care: Where Michelle needs to put her gentle feet. #00:19:21.0#

What Nicole does behind her house. #00:19:50.5#

Golden showers: wait, no. #00:22:08.5#

The girls prefer forest showers. Forest showering. Or bathing. Drinking it in. #00:22:38.5#

Having options at the ready is helpful. What can we do in 5 minutes? #00:25:06.1#

What Nicole does in 5 that completely changes everything. #00:26:00.0#

What do YOU do to get your sparkle on? #00:26:23.4#

Do you allow yourself to have a lazy day? What does it look like? #00:27:13.3#

“No expectations, no rules”…t-shirts anyone? #00:28:46.1#

“Affection and connection. Ice cream for lunch.” #00:30:39.2#

TV nerd-outs. #00:32:19.7#

Guilty pleasures, and which Housewives shows Nicole does and doesn’t like. #00:33:54.8#

Korean soap operas and Bollywood movies! #00:36:50.3#

Favorite mantras and swear words: what Michelle wants to “be,” and what happens if she has a couple of drinks. #00:39:21.8#

Science has actually traced out the deep toe-curling satisfaction to be had with one swear. #00:39:59.5# #00:40:49.4#

Nicole’s favorite mantra is un-pronounceable! #00:41:14.8#

Nicole’s curse word is included in her business tag line: do you know it? #00:42:41.3#

When it is that we are in the position to say I see you, I hear you, I love you, and what saying that means. #00:46:00.1#

What are some of the things that you love? Let us know. #00:46:43.4#

ResourcesHo’oponopono,  Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic,  Glennon Doyle Melton Love Warrior,  Carrie Fisher The Princess Diarist, Gloria Steinem Stories From the Road, Greg Mortenson Three Cups of Tea*,  Carrie Wright of Spa Wasted (Michelle’s favorite local day spa for facials), Woodloch (Nicole’s favorite local day spa)

*Disclaimer: Michelle here. I recognize that there has been significant controversy surrounding this particular work by Mr. Mortenson, and I absolutely do not excuse any deceit.  I also do not want to discount any good that has come from the original story, which is why I even mentioned it.  I will choose to focus on the good that any individual can do, and encourage anyone to do whatever good they are capable of.

Special thanks to Angela of Angela Todd Transcription Services for her help with our show notes.

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