S1:Ep.8- SEASON FINALE: Healthy Ways to Handle Fear & Uncertainty

In the Season 1 Finale, Nicole and Michelle discuss some of the healthy ways that they are dealing with increased fear and uncertainty. Listen to Episode 8.

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*Sometimes we swear.

Show Notes:

All the kinds of Mondays. #00:01:08.4#

The Sparklettes love to talk, but they are wary of adulting. #00:02:37.1#

World tumult: could anyone be prepared for what’s going on right now? #00:04:14.5#

What Michelle does even though it scares the shit out of her. #00:05:17.5#

Five basic fears that all humans share. #00:06:02.1#

Extinction? “Yeah, that’s a healthy fear.” #00:06:46.7#

The healthy side of fear, with giggling. #00:07:17.4#

Politics, religion, identity don’t matter. We all have fear. Who is using our fear for their own good. #00:09:12.7#

What we need to agree on about this moment, and how love is a good place to start. #00:11:02.5#

What hate does to us. #00:11:20.5#

Step one in a healthy strategy to combat overwhelm. #00:12:11.0#

Reality check: our fight, flight, or freeze instinct believes that when we see something on television, we need to do something right now. But usually we can’t. #00:13:47.0#

Ways to take control of fear.#00:14:49.1#

The F3 part of your brain doesn’t know, can’t negotiate. All it does is react. #00:16:11.7#

Uncertainty in relationships: what to do with folks that have different beliefs than ours that are combative or suddenly verbal about those differences. #00:17:10.4#

We don’t have to go to worst-case scenario. Uncertainty is ok. #00:18:53.1#

Managing disappointment in people you thought you knew, and taking responsibility for your own feelings. #00:20:33.3#

Nicole’s huge opportunity for personal development. #00:20:47.5#

Be less quick to blame, judge, or project. And remember, this other person is also operating from a position of fear. #00:21:47.2#

What to take responsibility for when you look in the mirror. #00:22:59.6#

When to ask yourself “what do I want to contribute to this?” How to weigh your answer, what your options are. #00:25:07.7#

Social issue whack-a-mole: what to do? #00:26:04.5#

Michelle’s simple practice to minimize the overwhelm that Nicole is going to also try. #00:29:20.2#

Nicole’s focus during overwhelm. #00:31:52.4#

Electric Light Orchestra! Rambo! And other certainties. #00:35:27.6#

Faith muscles and how to exercise them. #00:36:33.6#

What makes YOU feel certain? #00:37:11.2#

We look forward to season 2. We love you! #00:39:34.5#

Resources:  Work one-on-one with Nicole: Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching; Michelle’s Mini-Meditations; Join Michelle in The Cocoon- Empowered Transformation; The (Only) 5 Fears All Humans Share, Karl Albrecht PhD Psychology Today;

Special thanks to Angela of Angela Todd Transcription Services for her help with our show notes.

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