Preseason Special Episode: Fowl Play – What the Cluck?!

We recorded this episode to share a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story about a wild goose, er, chicken chase that involves your co-host Michelle, Buffy the Chicken, a hen hostage situation, and a Facebook community up in arms to bring #JusticeForBuffy.       Listen to “Fowl Play – What the Cluck?!”

Please contact the Lakewood Sheriff Department if you have any information on the current whereabouts of Buffy. Thank you!

UPDATES: As of EOD 4/24/17, Veronica was safely returned to her pen while Michelle was at the police station preparing to file a loss report. On 4/25/17, Officer Roman called to advise that Buffy was reportedly surrendered to the Lancaster Animal Shelter, 89.5 miles from Lakewood. On 4/26/17, Buffy was brought home and reunited with her sisters.

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*Sometimes we swear.

Show Notes:

Midlife chickens came before the trophy babe. #00:01:17.1#

Biscuit, Buffy, Veronica, and Ethel: sweet-hens! #00:01:41.0#

One hawk-lost hen, then there were three. #00:02:05.7#

Rebel hen Buffy, smartest hen ever. #00:02:54.1#

Buffy can hop on top. And hop and hop and hop. #00:03:35.6#

Buffy has wanderlust. Buffy ended up on Facebook! #00:05:19.3#

You cannot make this shit up! #00:05:34.3#

“We saw that your chicken was here, we heard this person has the chicken, we saw that your chicken was in this back yard, is this your chicken?” Then there were two. #00:07:06.6#

I’m Nancy Drew-ing the shit out of this! #00:10:00.5#

Chicken abduction! #00:11:10.8#

I’m trying so hard not to get the police involved. #00:11:33.4#

A remaining hen disappeared! She laid an egg this morning; it was still warm. There are some feathers. #00:14:32.0#

Chicken rapture. #00:14:21.6#

Door to door chickenhunt. #00:15:41.4#

Buffy has her own hashtags. #00:17:13.7#

What was she doing at the bus stop? Maybe she has a different story for herself. #00:18:54.6#

I want people to rise, as well as I don’t want to sink. #00:21:23.8#

She’s an hour away by car now. #00:23:33.2#

Hen lo-jack #00:23:53.1#

Being an adult around idiots! #00:26:33.4#

Sparklettes can talk about anything. #00:27:24.0#

Do no harm but take no shit. #00:28:10.9#

Special thanks to Angela of Angela Todd Transcription Services for her help with our show notes.

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