10 – Welcome to Season Two! S2:E1- The Privilege of Profanity

In our Season Two opener, Nicole and Michelle talk about the complexity and controversy involving language & gender. 

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*Sometimes we swear.


Show Notes:

Sparkle Hour feedback: the Sparklettes are controversial! 00:05:15.9

“We’re the girls who will go there.” 00:05:58.8

You can have a kind and respectful conversation about a topic that you feel differently about, and you can be respectful. 00:06:45.4

That attracts more discussion and people can see where people are coming from. 00:07:04.6

The “graphic” graphic for season 1 of The Sparkle Hour. 00:09:15.7

Making the Obamas too uncomfortable to be guests on The Sparkle Hour. 00:09:44.0

A shared value the Sparklettes both have: being authentically who they are. 00:11:01.6

Another shared value: empowerment of women. 00:12:11.0

Michelle’s two-pronged research test, with gender part of the query. 00:13:50.1

Overwhelming responses, specific responses, and where the yays and the nays made themselves visible. 00:15:13.4

Did the Sparklettes get the Jackie-O slapback?!?! 00:15:41.8

Everybody should have boundaries for themselves. When it gets applied to someone else, it feels gross. 00:21:35.7

They get to cluster and feel secure and happy and safe, and we’re not each other’s people, but we can send each other love and respect. 00:22:28.1

Neither of us intentionally want to offend, that’s pointless and doesn’t facilitate discussion. 00:23:26.7

Even those women who were not pro-cursing in a business setting were still very respectful. 00:24:49.1

It became a conversation between other people, without engaging us anymore. It created a huge dialogue! 00:25:59.3

Telling someone they are not allowed to use what belongs to them, based on their sex organs. 00:28:43.6

“Language helps us find our people.” 00:29:06.7

The hierarchy of swears. 00:32:59.5

Which Sparklette was told: “That’s just so slutty.” 00:33:22.1

Rant-tapping often includes swears, and that’s just good business. 00:34:04.8

Nicole talks about what’s developmentally appropriate. 00:37:01.9

We want to keep the lines of communication open, we want women to feel free to say whatever she wants whenever she wants. 00:39:17

The Sparkle Hour compromise. 00:40:22.9

“Do you, boo.” And that’s what we’re going to do too. 00:43:00.6

Resources: We found a f*cking juicy collection of both scholarly and entertaining articles related to the Joys of Swearing. Enjoy, #@%!$&!


Special thanks to Angela of Angela Todd Transcription Services for her help with our show notes.


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