S2:E9 – Season 2 Finale – Drama Llamas & Fembots

That’s a wrap! Nicole and Michelle close out Season 2 of the podcast and sparkle some shit out.  Listen to the Season 2 Finale.


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Show Notes:

Buffy the chicken at the bus stop, an update: Facebook groups, cops, crazy neighbors, and 93 miles of adventure. Hen party! #00:04:16.0#

Super inspiring guests: Empowered women. Stories of overcoming. #00:06:18.4#

Love the ripple that they’re sending out – “if my thing hasn’t been made yet, then I will make it.” #00:07:43.8#

Tech testing asking how much you want this: if you are stepping up and out, expect them. #00:09:50.8#

You have to break something to break through. #00:12:49.2#

Cracks are where the light comes in. Like that Japanese pottery. #00:13:53.1# https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintsugi #00:13:55.0# 

Can positivity shut down a natural emotional process? #00:15:03.0#

“Move on” can be a powerful tool to move past our shit, but timing is everything.  You have to allow yourself the space to ask the questions. #00:20:36.8#

Questions allow correction. #00:20:47.0#

Drama vs emotions. #00:23:44.3#

When it makes you uncomfortable and you don’t want to hear what the other person has to say, you label it drama. #00:24:23.1

We can do better. Let’s go back to ladies’ room. When girlfriend has lipstick on her teeth, you want to help her out. #00:25:21.9#

It takes bravery on both sides to say, this is uncomfortable, let’s recognize it as that, explore it, and then we can move forward. #00:27:52.2#

We don’t have the right to circumvent that for someone else. #00:34:41.1#

I don’t need to make them feel guilty for having their feelings by throwing a positivity bomb on them. #00:36:06.1#

You can feel like shit for a couple of days.  You’re allowed. #00:38:17.8#

Yes!  I’m not your mom, I’m not going to keep your allowance in my pocket. #00:38:32.5#

…But I’ll help you pull your pants up. #00:38:46.5#

A first cruise was a cruise to nowhere!  All inclusive, so we drank. #00:39:42.2#

Red wine, first time. #00:39:51.9#

If we’re gracious we can still do what we want to do, too. #00:41:29.8#

There is enough space for all of us.  There is enough. #00:41:37.2#

If we’re being approached with a correction, how do we get our needs met and also not be the drama llama in the room? #00:45:30.6#

You’re not a failure or a fuck-up; you’re just human. #00:45:49.6#

Get the emotion out, but don’t jump to the shame bomb. #00:47:05.0#

God bless the people who do try to help me along the way!  I don’t always make it easy. My eyes leak gratitude, fear, sadness… #00:48:48.4#

Be thy not quick to call someone a drama llama because they have an emotion! #00:49:19.9#

Let’s take that descriptor away from us females as a group. #00:49:28.3#

We’re not fucking fembots, y’all. #00:51:41.4#

Our ripple is not just a pond ripple; it’s a light ripple. #00:52:50.8#

You’re making a ripple whether you know it or not, so don’t you want to make a ripple of light? #00:53:10.1#

The gnarly and the lovely: you can’t recognize one without the other.  We hold them concurrently.  Both. #00:54:01.3#

And that is how you sparkle some shit out. #00:54:21.8#



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Work with Michelle Lewis: The Blessings Butterfly

Special thanks to Angela of Angela Todd Transcription Services for her help with our show notes.

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