19 – S3:E1 – Season Opener: Positive Change

In our Season 3 opener, Nicole and Michelle share their new vision, their mission, and some of the exciting things to come. We decided it would be fun to make this season more targeted toward healing and growth. So we’re making this season’s episodes focused on mind body spirit. We play big there. That’s our jam.

*Sometimes we swear.

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The universe is not fucking joking.

Show Notes:

A new intro: we listen for answers, and we love feedback! #00:01:40.9#

Virtual retreat details: we took the shackles off our podcast! We are dreaming bigger about our community. #00:03:19.6#

We are curse-y curse-y girls, and our curse-y nature made it hard for people to share. #00:03:48.1#

We dreamed big and put some structure and vision around this podcast #00:04:49.9#

Our mission: to develop a dynamic community of empowered women and woke menfolk who are creating a positive ripple in society by embracing the freedom to tell their story and become a channel for personal and global healing. #00:05:40.9#

Our overall vision is to have fun, educate, tell our story, be transparent, guide and empower, foster community, and create a movement of positive change. #00:06:27.1#

We’re creating our own community, and we’re doing it in a way that resonates with us. We know we’re not alone. #00:07:15.9#

Men who aren’t afraid of strong women. Or gay men. Or the other, because they know there is no other, it’s all us. #00:08:28.8#

Empowerment, not labels and limits. #00:09:15.4#

Connection on a physical level. I don’t mean sexual. This is not that kind of show. #00:12:11.6#

In-person events, we welcome feedback! #00:14:04.5#

Teach, share, and transition. #00:15:23.5#

As we continue to build our runway ahead of our plane, there’s amazing people that we get to connect with. #00:15:56.1#

I want it to be that when you wake up in the morning, you know there’s not a damned thing that can stop you on your journey. #00:16:18.7#

Hold onto your hats. Or tiaras. There are going to be sparkles everywhere. It’ll be like glitter bombs. #00:17:17.4#

You’re supposed to hear this, and we’re supposed to share it with you. #00:18:04.8#

We’ve spent our lives being people who heal others, go into the fire for other people and help them find their way out. #00:18:51.1#

We’re creating a shift and a place for you to continue your own healing so that you can be a service and a help. We always talk about a ripple, right? That sounds a little more like a tidal wave than a ripple to me at this moment. #00:20:12.2#

We are healers that are healing. #00:20:41.4#

We’ll all be the glue. #00:21:43.6#

You don’t have to be that person, you just get to be free, acknowledged, have fun, that’s just a really cool place to be, and I wish that for you. #00:21:59.4#

The universe is not fucking joking. #00:23:53.4#

This is a serious year. #00:25:02.9#

Don’t be skurrred. #00:25:16.2#

If you are scared, we’ll hold your hand. #00:25:27.9#

Mind-body-spirit: One Sparklette has tried to do each of them separately, and it does. not. work. #00:25:55.1#

We can’t focus on one without the others. They’re all interconnected, like we are all connected. We are interlocking beings. And we have to care for ourselves and our whole being. #00:26:34.0#

One thing changes an entire ecosystem. #00:29:35.8#

Let’s create a healing ripple — the more chickens ripple. #00:29:40.0#

Heal your own little space. #00:31:35.7#

A party of one can make a “Big D” difference. #00:31:42.7#

We’re keeping it fun and saucy! #00:33:48.7#



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Chickens and their golldern egg song!

Actual Egg Song

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