20 – S3:E2 – Mindset Shifts & Finding Clarity

Are you feeling foggy and struggling to concentrate?  Nicole has been feeling lot of cloudiness and experiencing a lack of focus recently- perhaps due to some growing pains in her life. Things have really seemed noisy for her lately- almost too noisy for her to get her thoughts together. She’d like to process this and wonders if you’ve possibly been feeling that way too, so we really have some fun stuff to process today! It’s so easy to become distracted by all the shiny stuff on the sides and all the different information and advice that’s so readily available and in your face. So listen in, as Michelle and Nicole try to find some clarity amidst the sea of noise and information that’s coming in from all around. Time to sparkle that shit out!

*Sometimes we swear.

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Show Notes:

  • We’ve got some fun trips coming up! New Orleans, Lancaster, Baltimore and who knows where else. #00:02:38#
  • We have listeners all over the place! And by all over, we mean not just the US and Canada! #00:04:19#
  • There’s 2 things we are known for…..besides the cursing! The ripple that we are all creating in communities by doing good, and the chickens! Sad update about Veronica! #00:06:42#
  • It’s important to quarantine chickens the minute they get sick! #00:08:18#
  • Nicole talks about some of the challenges she faced, in returning from her almost one hundred percent unplugged adventure with her husband, in a cabin in the mountains, where they literally did nothing for three days. #00:13:52#
  • Nicole’s expectations of getting out of the noise vs the reality of how it actually was. #00:14:15#
  • Stepping out of the fray, and taking a Social Media Fast, as a powerful way to hear your own innate wisdom and figure out what you really want. #00:14:45#
  • Nicole was so judgmental of the Poconos! #00:15:36#
  • Re-entry is hard! #00:17:15#
  • You need to remember what you sound like vs. what everyone else sounds like. #00:20:16#
  • Is asking other people’s opinions just another way to sabotage yourself and ignore your own wisdom? #00:21:40#
  • What was working before may not be working any more, for a lot of people. This has caused many Coaches to change the way that they do things. #00:24:26#
  • Coaches and Lifestyle Marketers really need to get more real and honest about who they are and what they’ve actually done, to earn the revenue they produce. There’s no longer a place for shadiness in marketing. #00:25:40#
  • The truth is that you really have to work hard and be honest and clear, to be successful. #00:31:00:#
  • Stay in your lane! #00:31:29#
  • It’s okay to ask Coaches some really hard questions, especially if you’re considering hiring them. #00:32:45#
  • At some point you need to put your blinders on and just follow your heart and your inner knowing. You know! #00:34:30#
  • Get curious! #00:35:05#
  • Looking at lessons that you’ve learned, so that you can really make use of them. #00:38:20#



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