21 – S3:E3 – Getting Real w/ Body Image Issues

This is a fabulous week and we’re really loving the energy! It’s so cool when you get the sense that all the energy around you is conspiring for you- it’s a fun, fun feeling!

Sometimes, living in the online space and trying to build a business this way can really feel quite isolated. It can even feel like you’re talking to a damn wall at times and that nobody is actually aware of what you’re doing. This really isn’t true, though. People are paying attention and they are actually listening, so your message is getting out there. This means that you really do need to pay attention to the message that you’re putting out! Nicole’s very clear and in a good space energetically, at the moment, in fact she’s right in the vortex of clarity, energy and even of money coming her way.

Michelle has really been trying so hard to love the body that she’s living in. She put on seventy pounds, and it felt very shaming for her- a far cry from loving her body. She gets pissed at her body and wants to figure out why and where it all came from. So come get your sparkle on, right now, and listen in to today’s show!

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Show highlights:

  • Just because you can fill up the jug doesn’t mean you should. You can space things out. #00:01:20#
  • Being really conscious and mindful of what you’re consuming, or taking in. #0:02:04#
  • Living and working in the online space can really feel like you’re living on an island all by yourself. #00:02:49#
  • People are receiving you, whether you see it or not! #00:03:10#
  • Your shadow keeps showing up. #00:03:30#
  • Adding too much to the clear space can actually become a distraction. It can be the thing that invites your shadow to play out and trip you up.  #00:04:23#
  • “Useful Crazy” or the kind of obsessive behavior that society views as normal. It just looks acceptable, according to society and perhaps it’s useful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. It’s just all the same shit! #00:05:31#
  • Michelle has really been trying so hard to love the body that she’s living in- and that’s what she’s all about. You’re going to have a relationship you’re your body for the rest of your life, so you really need to figure out how to operate in it, love it and treat it with kindness. Sounds so f***in’ easy, but it’s not!  It’s such a trip! #00:07:31#
  • Michelle put on seventy pounds, and it felt very shaming for her- a far cry from loving her body. She gets pissed at her body and wants to figure out why and where it all came from. #00:09:17#
  • It’s possible to love your body, even if you don’t like the way it’s changing… #00:11:35#
  • Stepping into a spotlight position with your business can send your body into panic mode and cause you to gain weight. Look out for the underlying limiting beliefs that you may be holding! #00:13:28#
  • Picturing herself as small and doing the work she’s doing, triggers a feeling for Nicole, making her feel very vulnerable and incapable. #00:14:48#
  • The empathic stuff that happens around weight gain. Pay attention to the healers and their body types. #00:16:08#
  • Healing comes from within. Don’t be stymied by how people look from the outside- and don’t judge- it’s not a reflection on what’s going on, on the inside! #00:17:52#
  • A healing ripple. #00:20:53#
  • Becoming more visible is fantastic and terrifying, at the same time. #00:22:07#
  • Losing weight, by addressing the tiny voice inside you and healing your relationship with your body, is a huge thing. It’s not really about the food. Michelle and Nicole would both get on the stage naked, if they could do that for someone else! #00:24:00#
  • Standing up and sharing all the goodness that’s been given to you to share is really so important. #00:26:50#
  • Have more kindness and compassion for other women. It starts with us! Don’t be a judgmental bitch – it will keep you small. Be accepting of people who are different to you. Work on your shit and release it- you will really feel so much better! #00:27:48#
  • If you can go from fear and judgement, to neutrality about others, it will be one of the kindest things that you can do. #00:31:51#
  • Radical acceptance and what it really comes down to. #00:33:12#
  • Some tips to help you to treat your body in a kind and loving way. #00:35:12#
  • Your body is manifesting a message about what you need to do. #00:37:35#
  • Pay attention to what you are saying about your body- your daughter may hear what you’re saying. There’s so much more to you than the body you’re operating in. #00:40:09#


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