22 – S3:E4 – Staying In Your Power

Michelle is feeling fab and fine today, even though it’s Monday! Both Nicole and Michelle can still remember the days when they used to really dread Mondays. Nicole used to even start dreading Mondays on Sundays sometimes- a real bummer, putting her in the shitter right from the get go! Since she’s been working from home though, things have changed, perhaps because she doesn’t have to worry about things like getting dressed, or packing lunch anymore…  Michelle really likes the idea of Monday Funday, because it really is all about how you see it and what your perspective is. She has realized that even if you have a ton of shit lined up for the day, you can still flip that script and make it fun!  Monday is the day that you can use to set the tone for the whole week, so the choice is ultimately yours!

Sometimes however, even when you’re doing your very best and you’re stepping up and living in the intention of shining, the dreaded Saboteur still shows up. What then? Well, when you’ve been doing your work around this issue, he really does start to seem more like Little Sabby, rather than this big, dark, evil thing that shows up and tries to take you out.  So it’s worth taking the time and really getting to know it. It is well worth doing the work that’s necessary to partner with it, so that you can get to understand it fully- all the while, remembering that you cannot have the light without the shadow.

The cool thing is that when you focus on paying attention to it, you can not only keep it from taking you out, but you can catch it and learn something from it too! This is something that happened to Nicole recently, so she wants to talk about it today and she uses her own experience as an example of how those things tend to show up in our lives. So, listen in, while we sparkle some of that shit out!

*Sometimes we swear.

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Show Notes:

  • You can be on the lookout for the good things! #00:2:34#
  • Nicole realized that it’s so much more helpful when you can see yourself in the situation. #00:04:30#
  • Nicole is really sad that she held a nasty grudge for so long and when she let it go, she got that person back in her life, in a very real way. #00:05:29#
  • You need to keep putting yourself out there, even when you’re scared. #00:06:32#
  • When the saboteur showed up for Nicole, she reached out to someone who knows her and who gets it. #00:07:43#
  • Nicole realized that she knew her saboteur and she understood how it works and she was not going to fall for it that time. She recognized the pattern. #00:08:58#
  • People don’t even know that they’re participating in a sabotaging moment. #00:09:40#
  • Michelle suggests making a decision not to follow old patterns and rather going another way- one that leads to a happier outcome for you. #00:10:50#
  • Having clarity and having someone in your camp who really understands all the pieces of you is really crucial to your happiness and well-being. #00:12:00#
  • You can still send the people who want to sabotage you love and stay in your own power, which is a pretty awesome place to be. #00:13:58#
  • Finding a trigger and then making a different choice. This can show up in any area of your life. #00:14:56#
  • Your brain is just as shaped by what you don’t do as it is by what you do. (Neuro-plasticity) #00:15:31#
  • When you’re in the trenches of your old neuro-pathways, you really are in the trenches! These are like grooves in your brain and you need to remember that you still have the choice. You can stay in the trench, or you can risk making a different choice. #00:17:16#
  • Michelle realized that she’d actually created the opposite of what she really wanted to do, through her fear. #00:19:24#
  • Rather than beating herself up, she used it as an opportunity and a lesson. #0:21:43#
  • Of course I deserve this income, why wouldn’t I? #00:22:51#
  • Old story guilt gnats. #00:23:21#
  • Keep stepping forward and get back on that happy path. #00:23:39#
  • Sometimes, when people actually get what they want, they run screaming from it. #00:26:33#
  • Knowledge is power. #00:27:18#
  • Surround yourself with people who get you and who support you in your moving forward, healing and changing. #00:27:31#
  • Don’t feed the drama llama. #00:28:43#
  • Trust yourself to make good decisions. You have that inner wisdom. #00:29:03#
  • Don’t judge yourself. #00:29:30#



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