24 – S3:E6 – Finding Healing Through Forgiveness

*sometimes we swear.

Nicole’s been going through a very important process of forgiveness over the last two weeks. This has been a hugely uplifting time for her energetically, which culminated in a huge release that she experienced yesterday. Her face has suddenly gone all ninja on her though, so she thinks that she could be purging some of her stuff through the skin on her face. Michelle agrees and points out that with skin being the body’s largest organ, it could be her body’s way of getting rid of some toxins. So it looks like a whole new layer of Nicole is emerging…

The process that Nicole has been going through over the past couple of weeks is an ongoing one of learning forgiveness and healing her wounds. Today, she shares what the process has been like for her, what she’s been working through and how she’s done it, because, as Michelle points out, forgiveness is one of the most important keys to healing and growth that we can ever access. So, listen in while Nicole, with Michelle’s support and encouragement, sparkles that shit out on the show today!

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Show Notes:

  • Nicole has learned to make use of love letters in the world of forgiveness and healing. #00:01:59#
  • The ripple effect of healing, through your whole life. #00:03:29#
  • The effects of trauma on our lives. #00:03:41#
  • Nicole explains how her recently written blog post came about. #00:04:22#
  • Nicole used to be completely invested in the idea that her previous husbands were assholes. #00:05:20#
  • The general assumption that ex’s are automatically in need of some kind of judgement. #00:05:41#
  • Nicole made a decision to change the way she views her past husbands, because they deserve better. #00:06:54#
  • Nicole chose her ex husbands from the wounds of her inner child. #00:07:59#
  • Nicole no longer chooses to focus on the things that make her ex husband a villain and her a victim. #00:08:51#
  • Who you are now is a result of what you went through. #00:09:42#
  • Nicole realized that she’s just as responsible for the good times as she is for the bad and she’s not a perfect partner. #00:11:07#
  • Nicole apologized for her role. #00:12:05#
  • Nicole sending love to her ex’s is in some way, energetically, providing them with a space to heal. #00:14:03#
  • Forgiveness is empowerment. #00:15:29#
  • Nicole understands that everybody’s different, but there is still always the opportunity for a different perception. #00:17:00#
  • Perception is huge. #00:17:38#
  • Nicole’s process of sending out the love letters. #00:18:40#
  • Finding something good to say about someone that you’re forgiving, because everyone has value. #00:19:35#
  • This process is soul healing. #00:20:48#
  • Let yourself off the hook and learn from it. You can always change your perception about any perceived failure. #00:23:09#
  • Finding healing years later. #00:25:59#
  • You’re always going to be someone’s ex. #00:27:00#
  • A language that we could use differently, about people that we are no longer in relationships with. #00:28:05#
  • Being open to information and not putting negativity out there could be game changing. #00:30:03#
  • We’re all interconnected. #00:32:49#
  • Michelle doesn’t always mail her love letters anymore. #00:35:07#
  • The Water Ritual. #00:35:21#
  • The Fire Ritual. #00:35:54#
  • I have to forgive that person, because I want out of that prison! #00:38:53#
  • It’s just layers of bullshit, so you’ve got to get real with yourself. #00:39:35#
  • Healing is a process. #00:40:05#

Reach out to us, even if it’s scary, or you feel you’re not ready, or if you think you don’t know how. We know scary and we can look it in the face, so please reach out to us, because this is what we do.


Quotes & Shareables:

“I believe that there is no darkness without light and no light without darkness.” – Nicole

“As you heal, wounds close up and you go on to the next one.” – Nicole

“I see how trauma affects our lives.” – Nicole

“I’m starting to see things very differently.” – Nicole

“You don’t need that negative energy coming at you from people who don’t even damn well know you!” – Michelle

“It’s just layers of bullshit, so you’ve got to get real with yourself.” – Michelle

“I love that you rewrite the story so that you’re no longer the victim!” – Michelle






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