25 – S3:E7 – Season 3 Finale

Today we have the finale to season three! Michelle and Nicole are really grateful to Facebook for bringing them together. Although they’re cousins, they didn’t really know each other before and now, they each have a best friend, a cohort and partner in crime.

Today they do a mini recap to catch up a bit about what this past season’s been like and the changes that have taken place for them, both personally, professionally and also, within this podcast. If you’re a binge listener like them, it will seem as if no time has passed at all since the very first episode.

*sometimes we swear

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Show Notes:  

  • Their F-Bombs come out authentically and roll right off the tongue! #00:04:06#
  • For them the real mission is about healing, creating a ripple and getting to know all of you! #00:04:17#
  • Facebook has paid off, as far as Michelle and Nicole’s ability to advertise, market themselves and reach more people. #00:05:14#
  • If things aren’t serving you, let that shit go. #00:05:34#
  • The biggest thing that happened for Nicole this season was reclaiming her space as a coach. #00:06:01#
  • Letting go of her cocoon was painful for Michelle and made her really vulnerable. #00:06:40#
  • What is more safe and healing than a cocoon? #00:08:59#
  • Nicole finds the cocoon to be similar to the Blessing Butterfly Message. #00:09:29#
  • Michelle knows that she’s here to create a space for people to heal their shit. #00:10:00#
  • A fixed mindset is where you look at it as a failure and an open mindset is where you look at it as an opportunity to change something. #00:11:00#
  • Resilience is huge! #00:11:27#
  • You aren’t expected to have it perfect. #00:12:14#
  • What a Sparkle hour is all about. #00:12:30#
  • For Michelle, it really feels like they’re aligned with their soul’s missions. #00:13:31#
  • Take it and go with it, to really sparkle that shit out! #00:13:45#
  • The goal was to be more focused on mind, body and spirit. #00:14:05#
  • Offering you a little of the insight that Michelle and Nicole have been given, because it’s kind of cool. #00:15:35#
  • Nicole really generously offers so many nuggets. Michelle loves that!#00:16:08#
  • Nicole is really sick of talking about body issues, because everybody is talking about it. #00:17:20#
  • Nicole would really love to change the dialogue around weight and women’s bodies. #00:18:28#
  • It’s so easy to be the low vibe, but it doesn’t have to be that way. #00:20:09#
  • Choose to be loving to the person in the mirror. #00:20:23#
  • Just f***ing mind your own business and act like a grownup! #00:21:00#
  • Check your mean girl shit at the door and then come join the party. #00:21:42#
  • People that trigger you in some way actually have a lesson for you. #00:22:14#
  • The power of letting something petty go. #00:23:01#
  • For the past month, Nicole has worked on running towards and not away from someone that really used to irritate her. #00:25:22#
  • Judgement is not where Nicole wants to sit. #00:26:15#
  • There are some pretty awesome, kickass people lined up for interviews, next season. #00:27:33#
  • Nicole’s looking forward to the book club that they’re going to launch, and also the  travel, the fun and all the shenanigans . #00:27:59#
  • Getting to do some of their favorite things! #00:29:34#
  • Being unafraid to let things grow, even if they bring up scary sensations. #00:30:15#
  • If something is scary and exciting at the same time, then hell yes, you need to be doing it! #00:30:30#
  • Creating a spin off group from the Sparkle Hour Facebook page and also a Sparkle Hour Book Club. #00:30:44#
  • White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte is the first book of the Sparkle Hour Book Club, so go on and get it. #00:31:22#



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