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26 – S4:E1 – Real Talk w/ The Sparkle Hour Girls

Get Ready to Sparkle Some Shit Out for Season 4!

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It’s time for a brand new podcast season with all new projects, guests, and a lineup of epic proportions coming your way. Nicole and Michelle have been hard at work over the summer putting in the work, the time, and all the emotions to make this season better than ever before. No more winging it here! In this season, you can expect more guests, more interaction with listeners, and even a Book Club. There are sure to be surprises along the way as well.

Nicole shares her proudest moment of the summer, founding her own chapter of Polkadot Powerhouse! She’ll describe how coming into a leadership role feels like a fulfillment of so much hard work and preparation. It is just like coming into her own. Michelle will also share her vision for her business, including a reworking of a program that flopped, for lack of a better word, last year. Both ladies are here filled with an action plan, extra resilience, and, above all else, sparkle.



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Show Notes:


Quotes & Shareables:

“Get anchored in the work you are doing.” –Michelle Lewis

“We can anchor and not numb.” –Nicole Lewis-Keeber


“Spend a year with us, and we will change your life.” – Michelle Lewis

“You think you need an architect, but you are already a temple.” –Danielle LaPorte

“It’s not just book learning; we’re living it.” Michelle Lewis

“Sacred communities weren’t created on the first try.” –Nicole Lewis-Keeber



Polkadot Powerhouse

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