28 – S4: E3 – Confident Business Coaching with Dena Fay

What does it take to be successful? Confidence is key, right? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or working the 9-to-5, in order to fully realize your calling and dreams, you’ve got to take a few risks. Unfortunately, we tend to put our dreams on the back burner because we feel like we haven’t “arrived.” We have hang-ups and mental blocks right in the way of our path to success. What can we do about them?

Today’s guest, Dena Kowlaczyk has battled all of these questions on her path to success. After dealing with body image issues and not feeling confident in her own skin, Dena noticed that these problems were beginning to encroach on her business success. She turned outward for help, only to realize that no one was really coaching business owners in owning their confidence. Dena took matters into her own hands and developed Radiant Journey Coaching, her own business where she helps women understand why they really are a business badass.

Nicole and Michelle talked to Dena about how to build confidence, take care of yourself, and run a business like a boss. The conversation is filled with useful skills, words of wisdom, and a healthy dose of laughter and, of course, Sparkle. Listen on!

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Dena Fay Kowalczyk



Show Notes:

  • Nicole introduces Dena Kowlaczyk, Confident Business Coach #00:00:30#
  • Dena shares how her body confidence issues were manifesting in her business. #00:02:35#
  • What Dena can do to help her clients overcome their fear and confidence blocks. #00:03:56#
  • What Dena does to work through her body issues, starting with a scar. #00:05:00#
  • Weight loss, body transformation, and confidence building is a slow process. #00:08:30#
  • What Dena did to shift her mindset. #00:09:52#
  • Dena named her confidence. Hear why! #00:15:04#
  • 2 Confidence building techniques #00:16:00#
  • Learn what Dena is especially passionate about and working on right now. #00:19:50#
  • Self-Care tips from Dena’s upcoming book! #00:22:00#
  • All about Little Miss Sassy Pants and the most valuable learning experience #00:24:50#
  • Dena is helping women get a little badass assistant. #00:30:00#
  • Dena’s Advice to her younger self #00:31:00#
  • What the Sparkle Hour Means to Dena #00:31:30#
  • Favorite mantras and phrases  #00:34:00#
  • Dena’s style of coaching #00:36:00#
  • Little last minute tidbits of goodness. #00:38:20#


Quotes and Shareables

“There is no reason why amazing, smart, go-getting women have to have this block in their lives.” – Dena Kowlaczyk



“How we talk to ourselves and how we treat ourselves and others has a lot to do with our confidence.” –Dena Kowlaczyk



“When you look the part, you have to feel the part.” – Dena Kowlaczyk

Womens March on Washington


“We have to be able to put our ego aside and ask for help.” – Dena Kowlaczyk



“Knowledge is out there. People don’t hire you for your knowledge, they hire you for you and your process.” – Michelle Lewis



“People you have to chase for friendship are not worth it.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber




Dena Kowalczyk- Owner of Radiant Journey Coaching LLC, Lives in NH with husband Frank and Pit Mix, Abby. Dena overcame body issues pertaining to health concerns as a child before she started her own transformational journey in 2011 creating a healthy lifestyle and learning to love herself. Dena Fay is a Confident Business Coach. She works with female entrepreneurs to help them gain confidence when talking about their business so that they are able to attract their ideal clients.


The Happiness Makeover by M. J. Ryan

Confident entrepreneurs club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ConfidentClub/

Radiant Journey Coaching: http://www.radiantjourneycoaching.com/

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