29 – S4:E4 – Embody Your True Beauty with Sarah Liddle

Today’s episode is a special treat because Nicole and Michelle have a guest from an entirely different country. Accents collide as the ladies interview Sarah Liddle, the founder of NOW by SML Skincare.

Sarah is a Kiwi living in Australia, a mother, a business owner, and an industry pioneer. Sarah was one of the first people to get into the Coaching industry, and now she is launching her intentional business to help women embrace their inner beauty.

Skincare is about more than what’s on the outside for Sarah. Every detail of her business- from the packaging, earth-friendly materials, and the little affirmations with each product are designed to help women embrace their authentic self. Sarah had a bit of her own journey with authenticity. After coaching, Sarah decided to study Law but became very unhappy with it. She realized her true love was running a business. We have NOW Skincare as a result of that realization.

Sarah is a woman on a mission to educate, empower, and serve women all over the world. It is amazing that something as simple as a skincare line can make such a lasting impact. Listen to see just what a bright light Sarah Liddle is in this world.

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Show Notes:
  • Hear everyone gush about accents #00:01:10#
  • What is NOW, and its mission to help you feel beautiful #00:01:30#
  • Turning away from Law to pursue business was a perfect decision. #00:05:00#
  • All about luxury skincare that is natural and beautiful. #00:05:40#
  • How Sarah came up with her secret hydration formulas. #00:07:30#
  • Sarah’s journey as a trailblazer for authentic self. #00:09:50#
  • We need to be open to changing our life’s course #00:13:10#
  • The coaching world has changed, but Sarah was a pioneer in the industry. #00:14:20#
  • NOW is shaping the future with their story and vision. #00:15:00#
  • Sarah is all about educating people about themselves and the world. #00:19:00#
  • How Sarah’s skincare and packaging are earth friendly. #00:21:15#
  • The product affirmations from something as simple as skincare. #00:24:20#
  • Sarah’s Sparkle Hour is all about beauty in the small things. #00:27:10#

Quotes and Shareables:


“Your skin is seeking the same thing whether you’re 18 or 80.”  -Sarah Liddle


“People have got everything, but they aren’t happy.” – Sarah Liddle


“Each product is an affirmation.” –Sarah Liddle


“When you can see beauty, you can see the truth.” –Sarah Liddle




“I didn’t want to be like everyone else…I wanted to chart my own course.” –Sarah Liddle



Sarah Liddle‘s mission is to help women embody their real beauty- both inner and outer. She’s the founder of NOW by sml, gorgeous but always practical skin care for the modern woman.

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