30 – S4:E5 – Sparkling Some Sh*T Out with Angela Todd

One of the most incredible benefits of this podcast is the amazing tribe of women sparkling sh*t out together across the world. In this, the fourth season of our podcast adventure, we wanted to emphasize how amazing these women are. There is no one better to kick off the listener appreciation movement than our dear friend, Angela Todd.

Angela is a longtime listener of The Sparkle Hour. She is a “recovering academic,” family historian, and a teller of stories. She sparkles the most when she is enabling families and women, in particular, to tell their stories and preserve them for future generations. Angela also plays an important role in the history of the podcast as she used to write the show notes for the first two seasons. It seems everything Angela touches is a special and unique type of history.

Angela’s work is special because she allows all voices to be heard. Her work in oral history is giving voice to the marginalized and the broken. Today, she will share what inspires her to do this hard work, the habits she has cultivated to help her sparkle, and of course, what this podcast means to her.

As Angela says, everyone needs to “call in” their story. It’s time to celebrate this very special one!

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Show Notes:

  • We thought it would be fun to have interviews with listeners. #00:0050#
  • What The Sparkle Hour means to Angela #00:02:00#
  • Firsthand insight about how the Sparkle Hour came to be. #00:04:27#
  • Recording what is said is an essential function of the healing that happens. #00:06:40#
  • Angela adds to the conversation about what has really changed her world. #00:08:20#
  • Going deep with healing in action. #00:10:30#
  • Angela’s Oral History work is an act of healing for families. #00:12:10#
  • A story of a woman’s reconciliation with the memory of her mom #00:15:50#
  • Angela is sparkling with her girls and her community. #00:17:30#
  • A secret confession! #00:22:40#
  • The importance of Oral Histories #00:23:00#
  • Know your story, and when you feel safe, talk. #00:29:30

Quotes and Shareables 

“I want all voices to be recorded.” –Angela Todd


“Angela’s comments gave us the courage and support we needed along the way.” –Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“The Sparkle Hour models the next step after all that self-analysis.”  -Angela Todd


“We are in a place and position to being open and having hard conversations.” –Michelle Lewis


“People are hard to hate close up. Lean in.” -Dr. Brene Brown

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“Your stories can empower your kids to see that anything is possible.” –Angela Todd

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Angela Todd is a speaker and family oral historian. She spent 18 years as “archivist and senior research scholar” in a science archive at a top university, ferreting out women to add to the files. Part of her loves academia, but a part thinks that it’s not attached to the “real world.” Eventually she gave up on archiving the dead and moved to helping living women make their own history!

Angela has Bachelor’s degrees in women’s studies and English, a Master’s degree in Literature and cultural theory, and holds the PhD/abd in cultural studies.

Get in touch with Angela at Angela L. Todd today to get your own family history on record!


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