31 – S4:E6 Tina Falk, Feng Shui, & A Spirit Posse

Today is a very special day because we have our very first returning guest! Due to a massive energy surge in Utah, our Episode 2 guest, Tina Falk, was unable to reconnect with our podcast recording. Michelle and Nicole ran with it because, in just the short time that Tina was with them, she dropped some massive Truth Bombs about Feng Shui. Expect today’s episode to be just as powerful, re-energizing, and encouraging as the first one!

Tina is going to share a few simple examples of how feng shui can transform all the energy in your life with small changes to your home and habits. As energy flows in and out and around us, we can channel what serves us and redirect what does not with something as easy as a flicking motion. You are going to be amazed at how easily the foundations of feng shui can become a part of your everyday life.

From the very small, to the very large, Tina will be dropping Truth about the year ahead. 2018 is the Dog Year, but there’s a bit more here than meets the eye. Tina will show us exactly how to embrace the changes in the year ahead, deal with some of the fiery confrontation, and show us that the solution is to draw into our homes and our families. After today’s episode, you will either want to run to your closet to clean it out, or run to your loved ones and squeeze them tight. It’s all about togetherness and sharing your sparkle!

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Show Notes:

  • Nicole and Michelle reintroduce Tina #00:01:15#
  • How the principles of feng shui has infiltrated Michelle’s life since the first episode #00:02:00#
  • Tina explains how energy changes affect our everyday life. #00:04:00#
  • How a vase can transform your personal energy. #00:06:20#
  • Rituals can be habits that can powerfully transform you. #00:09:15#
  • Children can benefit from feng shui rituals. #00:11:00#
  • All about the first small group intensive and why it was such a success #00:15:50#
  • What to expect from the astrological year coming up. #00:20:10#
  • Why it’s important to be prepared for the energies coming up. #00:22:00#
  • The importance of the birth chart, and how that process helps Tina with what she does. #00:23:00#
  • This year is a double Rooster year, expect confrontation. #00:26:00#
  • The news correlates with the chart. Hear how Tina keeps up with it all. #00:29:00#
  • What to expect with the Year of the Earth Dog #00:30:00#
  • Expect a lot of wood energy. #00:34:00#
  • Invite people into your home this year. #00:38:00#
  • Michelle is (literally) held in light #00:40:00#


spirit posse 2
“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”


Quotes and Shareables:

“A lot of people see light workers as energy dumping grounds. We need a place to dump it.” – Tina Falk

“A lot of people see light workers as energy dumping grounds. We need a place to dump it.”

“I have more to learn about energy from children and their caregivers.”-Tina Falk

“We really get triggered by things, whether it’s subtle energies or something really strong.” – Tina Falk


“These things are constantly bombarding and integrating with our energy, and we need to be aware of that.” – Tina Falk


“In order to make the most out of the year ahead, we have to know where we’ve been.” – Tina Falk



“Home is going to be our safe haven this year.” –Tina Falk



Get in touch with Tina Falk and schedule a reading: www.tinafalk.com

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