32 – S4:E7 – Kathleen Shannon Definitely Knows About Being Boss

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This is a big day for us as we had the chance to chat with one of our biggest SHEroes, Kathleen Shannon. You might know Kathleen from the Being Boss Podcast. You might know her from her amazing branding company, Braid Creative. Now, you will also be able to get to know her as an author. Being Boss is Kathleen’s first foray into writing books, but it is definitely not her first creative project.

Today, we share all about what makes Kathleen special. She will share stories of emotional empowerment, motherhood, coaching Brene Brown(!), and the time she had literal glitter everywhere just so she could sparkle shit out.  Kathleen has worked so hard to reach the success she enjoys today, and she does it filled with the vulnerability and hope that comes from knowing exactly who she is. We are lucky indeed to have Kathleen as a part of our community.

We are excited to explore all of the ways Kathleen shows up to empower creative all over the world. Through her company, her podcast, and her writing, Kathleen encourages artists, coaches, writers, and anyone with a soul that they have unique gifts and talents that the world needs to see. We have personally benefited from Kathleen’s incredible sparkle, and we had to have her on to sparkle it out some more.

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Show Notes

  • Bucket List Guest, Kathleen Shannon is on the show! #00:00:30#
  • The fangirl energy is real. #00:02:20#
  • How Kathleen got to this point of knowing she was here for a reason. #00:02:30#
  • When she realized her role as an art director was not the end of her career #00:05:40#
  • Being Boss Podcast is rooted in vulnerability and growth #00:06:50#
  • We have the opportunity to create space for people to make their story matter. #00:08:30#
  • You don’t have to have a large audience to make a difference. #00:10:10#
  • Speaking up and talking about important issues is scary. #00:13:50#
  • Kathleen’s empowerment story #00:17:05#
  • Feeling lonely and disconnected is normal, but fixable #00:22:30#
  • Having compassion on our kids when they have out of control emotions #00:23:00#
  • You don’t have to fit in to belong. #00:27:00”
  • Branding is articulating their difference. #00:29:30#
  • What it was like to work with Brene Brown #00:30:30#
  • A true story of a Brene Brown Birthday. #00:33:00#
  • How Kathleen Sparkled her Shit Out #38:00#


Quotes and Shareables

“Expressing yourself is your true calling.”


“Blending more of who you are into the work you do makes such a difference.”

s4e7 - Copy


“Your story matters.”

s4e7.1 - Copy


“I crave those really small connections.”

s4e7.2 - Copy


“I was stuck in my own story that I was too weird to form true bonds.”

s4e7.3 - Copy



Kathleen didn’t have hair until around age 4.


Now: BO$$ AF!


Kathleen Shannon is the co-founder of Braid Creative and the co-host of the chart topping podcast Being Boss which now has close to 4 million downloads. Her work really focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs with their personal brands by bringing more of who they are into the work they do and she’s obsessed with digging into the mindset, habits, routines, and attitudes that empower creatives to live and work on their terms.

Her book debut Being Boss is now available for pre-order at www.beingboss.club/book

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