34 – S4:E9- Tanya Markul a.k.a. Thug Unicorn BLOWS OUR EFFING MINDS

Life can either get you down, or you can teach life a thing or two.

This is the spirit that our guest, Tanya Markul, carries around with her in all that she does. Her message to the darkness? “Eat. My. Stardust.” Tanya is no stranger to pain and trauma. Time after time, life handed her almost too much to handle. Most people would crumble under the weight. Not this Unicorn! Instead of letting her life’s tragedies defeat her, she used the pain to propel her towards the light.

Now, Tanya writes words that encourage women to embrace their darkness and turn it into light. She doesn’t hold back from her wounds and setbacks. For so long, Tanya denied her inner sparkle. Now, she is working tirelessly to change the narrative of the victim. In fact, her new book, The She Book, is all about how she rebirthed her identity without denying the hurt she experienced. These poems are designed with your creativity in mind.

Tanya really is a “Creative Midwife” who inspires so many women across the world. Today, she is bringing her truth to the Sparkle Hour. Word after word from her lips will give you chills. It certainly did for us! You do not want to miss the Stardust from our favorite Unicorn! It really is life-giving.

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Show Notes

  • Why we have ALL the crazy fangirl energy. #00:00:30#
  • How Tanya became a writer even from a young age. #00:02:00#
  • Tanya’s awakening after burning her journals and getting rid of the toxic energies. #00:05:30#
  • Tanya wrote about other people to prevent herself from writing about her own life. #00:07:00#
  • How a bad breakup made Tanya stronger, rather than breaking her down. #00:08:40#
  • All about this thing called happiness and the emotions we experience on the way there. #00:14:20#
  • Tanya hears her own words and celebrates them. #00:18:00#
  • Thug Unicorn is an awakening and a warm embrace of Tanya’s authentic self. #00:21:00#
  • All of the other places Tanya is creating community and putting herself out there. #00:26:00#
  • How you can connect with Tanya online and take some of her amazing courses. #00:31:30#

Quotes and Shareables

“Don’t be a victim of your situation. Let it light a fire under your ass.”


“We have to walk a path of shadow in order to find the light.”



“There’s a place for all of it, and there’s a place for all of us.”


“Be a home for all of your emotions.”




Connect with Tanya online:

“Tanya is a creative midwife, an unedited storyteller and self-help poet. She is the creator of thugunicorn.com, theurbanhowl.com, and co-creator of truenorthsisters.com. And her latest project, The She Book, is now available for purchase and is already in the Top 20 of the Amazon Best Sellers List!”


The She Book


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Work with Michelle Lewis: The Blessings Butterfly

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