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36 – S5:E1 A Look Ahead-Welcome to Sparkle School

Michelle & Nicole have big plans a’brewing for Season 5 as we introduce Sparkle School- a resource for living life in The Sparkle Zone.

Exciting things are happening, so here is your official invitation to get in on what’s about to go down. We are on a mission to sparkle shit out and create a ripple of healing wherever we go. Now is the time to pull back the veil and tell you exactly how that is going to happen. Together, we can amplify our voices and change the world!

It’s time to enter the Sparkle Zone! We want to give you Sparkle Skills that you can use to heal yourself and others. Today you are getting your first taste of the practical tools we have created to help you unlock your sparkle. No longer do we have to do our transformation work in silence. Here is the community you need to unify around the ups and downs of life. We have the life experience, the skills, and the time to gather women together to heal and to grow, and we want to show you why that matters!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Let’s sparkle some shit out!

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Quotes and Shareables

“We want to provide practical steps to help you sparkle shit out.” – Nicole

“We want this space to be about fun and laughter, but also a transformative place to be.” – Nicole

“You can handle obstacles with fun and feistiness.” – Michelle

“We’re leaving a path of gold nuggets for you to find…in fact we are building the path with golden nuggets!” –Michelle

“We don’t feel like we have to hide our voice and our story.” –Michelle

“This is the year of the woman around the world.” -Nicole


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