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37 – S5:E2 The 5 Phases of Sparkling –it Out

Are you ready to sparkle today? Michelle and Nicole are ready to dive in deep with you today as they share the 5 Phases of Sparkling Shit Out. Maybe you’ve been in hiding for too long, and it’s time for your innermost self to shine? Maybe you are already on the path to Sparkling, but you just aren’t sure where to go next? Wherever you are on your journey, these phases are going to help you sparkle the brightest!

This really is a meaty and delicious episode for you. Not only will you learn the basics of the 5 Phases of the Sparkling Shit Out Healing Process, but you will also begin to understand the Sparkle Skills that will take you through each of those phases. It is incredible that the ideas Michelle and Nicole have been dreaming about for ages have now been called into being. Do you want to enter the Sparkle Zone with them? Then you will need to use your voice, know yourself, love the skin you are in, and find your tribe.

Healing is hard work. Expect the shit to start flying. Luckily for you, Nicole and Michelle definitely have your back. Dive in today to get started!

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