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38 – S5:E3 Living in The Sparkle Zone

Life in The Sparkle Zone is not some mystical far-off fantasy land, it’s closer to you than you may think. Michelle & Nicole share what it looks like for them, what it might look like for you, and how to know when you’re in it.

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What Does Your Sparkle Zone Look Like?

We’ve been teasing it for a while, so now it is time for you to enter the Sparkle Zone! Today’s episode is all about the nuts and bolts of recognizing the Sparkle Zone, entering it, and staying there. How do you know if you are in the Sparkle Zone? We’ll teach you some of the telltale signs! Believe it or not, you might already be in your Sparkle Zone! We promise it’s not a foreign concept to you.

Entering the Sparkle Zone is not a race or a contest. You don’t have to strive to get there. Instead, think of the Sparkle Zone as a way to celebrate the power you already have within! We are on a mission to empower women through tools and community. Discovering your own unique Sparkle Zone is a key piece of that.

You want to live a life that is authentically you and no one else! One sister’s Sparkle Zone will look very different from another’s and now it is time to celebrate that! There is a spark of the Divine in all of us, regardless of color, shape, or ability. Welcome to the Sparkle Zone! Everyone is welcome.

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Quotes and Shareables

Empowerment is already within you.

“You are already standing in the Sparkle Zone! The Sparkle Zone is a way of being. It’s how you show up and find your voice.” Nicole

“Your Sparkle Zone will not look the same as the person’s sitting next to you.” –Michelle

Recognize that you are a beautiful, perfect being.





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