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42 – S5:E7- Season Finale: Sparkle School Freshmen

That’s a wrap on Season 5! Nicole and Michelle have had so many formative experiences this season as they have given birth to Sparkle School. This season really was a bit like Freshman Year of high school, and the Sparkle lessons will just keep coming next season. Michelle and Nicole are ready to dive deeper into some of the topics introduced this season so the Sparkle Hour Community can really grow and develop together. After all, the Sparkle Hour would be nothing without its tribe!

Today, Michelle and Nicole are here to remind you that you don’t have to have it all figured out to give something a try. When they launched Sparkle School, they were still learning throughout the whole process! You can be a learner and an expert at the same time. That is what is so beautiful about Sparkle Skills. There is always more to learn and experience.

Nicole and Michelle are looking forward to more ripples in the pond of change next season. Expect more resources, more expert guests, and even more ways to Sparkle Shit Out. This is only the beginning!

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Show Notes

Quotes & Shareables

Create and foster change.


Stand on the edge, in fear, and jump anyway!


You teach what you need to learn.


See someone elses strengths, and don’t be intimidated by them!


“It would not be us if we had figured out all the shit.” –Nicole


“A true leader recognizes the truth and the spirit in someone else.” -Michelle


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