43 – S5: Bonus Episode: The Being Boss Book with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

Why are Nichole and Michelle fangirling harder than ever before? Their business she-roes are here for a very special BONUS episode of The Sparkle Hour! Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are on the show this week to give you all the details about the Being Boss book, hitting shelves April 10th, 2018. This book is the physical manifestation of all the hard work Emily and Shannon have poured into both their creative businesses and the Being Boss Podcast. The podcast has been instrumental in developing The Sparkle Hour into what it is today, so Nichole and Michelle feel like they are interviewing their own personal Fairy Godmothers!

It’s time to meet the Being Boss duo! Emily Thompson is an online business Boss. Her passion is to see creative entrepreneurs establish and develop their online business so they can reach the world with their unique service. Kathleen Shannon is the mastermind behind Braid Creative, a boutique branding agency she owns with her sister. Using her own creative process, she develops a brand’s identity so that they can make their mark on the world in a way that is authentic and impactful.

These ladies know what it means to be a true Boss, and they have poured all of their heart and soul into the Being Boss book. Nichole and Michelle cannot wait for you to get your hands on a copy, so to whet your appetite, they will have Emily and Shannon share everything you need to know about how the book came to be, and why it is such a powerful tool for creative business owners. If you aren’t a Being Boss fangirl yet, you will be after this interview!

Listen to this episode

being boss podcast interview

Show Notes

  • Why we are so excited to have Kathleen and Emily on the show today. #00:01:00#
  • Hear all the details about the Being Boss book and what it takes to birth a “business baby.” #00:03:10#
  • It helps to have a partner to write a book and support you through the creative process. #00:6:30#
  • It takes time to build trust in your creative partner. #00:12:00#
  • Being Boss is not your typical business book! #00:15:00#
  • Creative business is equal parts magic and hard facts. #00:21:00#
  • This book is consumable. Like your personal business coach! #00:23:00#
  • The magical superpowers of the airport! #00:29:00#
  • What it means to actually be a Boss. #00:31:00#
  • We love worksheets! #00:39:00#

Quotes & Shareables

Whenever you are creating any project, it always happens one step at a time. – Kathleen Shannon



Do everything you can do to show up for your partner!



To be a Boss, you have to have the mindset and the habits of a Boss.



If you are trying to be everything to everyone, you are saying nothing to no one. – Kathleen Shannon



Trust one another to get things done.





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