44 – S6:E1 – Let’s Get Dreamy

Our Sparkle Skills are activated, and it’s time to launch another season of The Sparkle Hour. We’ve been busy in the best of ways, so it is wonderful to get to spend some time with one another (and with you!) again. Today, we are deliberately putting our heads in the clouds as we dare to daydream.

Daydreaming is an important part of manifesting your goals and aspirations. If you never dare to dream, then you’ll never know how far you can go! We are each going to share the ways in which we are currently daydreaming, and then showing you how to do the same. Michelle is ready to open up about her speaking and writing projects, and Nicole is going to dream big as far as growing her business and the Sparkle Hour audience.

If you are ready to relax a little and dare to dream a big dream, then join us in the first episode of season six! We think it is going to be a good one.

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Show Notes

  • Why we are so excited to be back. #00:00:30#
  • It’s important to daydream. #00:02:30#
  • Michelle shares her dreams of bringing empowerment to the people. #00:04:30#
  • Michelle is now happy to “be bought,” and is looking forward to a book! #00:09:20#
  • Get your “Why Not Me?” Idea! #00:15:00#
  • Nicole gets dreamy about her business and her ideal interviews. #00:16:00#
  • Nicole wants someone to step in and help build her brand. #00:20:00#
  • Nurture the inner kid. #00:21:00#
  • Let’s get dreamy about The Sparkle Hour! #00:26:00#
  • Getting dreamy is a gift from the universe. #00:30:00#



Resources from the Show:

Slay That Dragon: An Empowerment Evening with Michelle Lewis

Private Coaching- Work 1:1 with Nicole

Private Coaching – Work 1:1 with Michelle

Join our private Facebook group: When In Doubt, Sparkle That Shit Out

Sparkle School Resources https://thesparklehour.com/sparkle-school/



Quotes & Shareables


It’s time to get dreamy.


Life doesn’t always have to be serious. Let’s daydream a little.

Life doesn_t always have to be serious. Let_s daydream a little.

The message you needed to hear, you can now share.

share your message

“Say out loud what you want to happen.” –Nicole

“Say out loud what you want to happen.” –Nicole

“Give yourself permission to take the next step.” –Michelle

“Give yourself permission to take the next step.” –Michelle(1)

You need a “Why Not Me?” Idea.

“Why Not Me_” .

Show your inner kid the world.

Show your inner kid the world.

Collaboration over competition.



Collaboration over competition.




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