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46 – S6:E3 – The Sparkle Zone is Your Foundation for Healing

Nobody’s perfect! Why should the Sparkle Zone be any different?

The Sparkle Zone is not a magical land where everything is perfect, it is a state of mind that anchors you to your truest self. Michelle and Nicole are on a mission to help you better understand the Sparkle Zone so that you can recognize when you’ve stepped away or if there are cracks in your foundation.

Today, Nicole and Michelle are going to give you a deeper understanding of what it looks like to be in the Sparkle Zone so that you can get back to it faster. It takes a lot of hard work to truly understand yourself, but once you do, you’ll be in your Sparkle Zone. The ladies will share some of their heroes who are absolutely operating from their Sparkle Zones, and they will also share some of the methods they use for hopping back in. This is not a perfect process, but it is absolutely a life-giving one. Let’s dive in together today!

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Show Notes

Quotes & Shareables

Once you know what the Sparkle Zone is, you can understand when you are inside or outside of it.


Help someone else fill in their foundational cracks.


“Some days, we embody the Sparkle Zone better than others.” –Nicole


“Move beyond surviving to thriving.” –Michelle


Put your “Shit Shield” up!


The Sparkle Zone is not some perfect place.



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