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47 – S6:E4 – Truth Telling is a Sparkle Skill Superpower

We sing the praises of speaking your truth, but what happens after you speak up? Oftentimes, our truth is not perceived the way we want it to be, or someone else’s truth is rubbing up against our own. Michelle and Nicole understand just how fraught these situations can be. So how is it possible to speak up for yourself when you are triggered or upset? How can we respond in a healthy, loving way when we are hurt by our circumstances?

Sparkle Skills are always growing and changing. Today, Nicole and Michelle want to pull out a few life lessons from some recent encounters they have had. The end result is always to gain a deeper understanding of self. If you want to stay in the Sparkle Zone, you are going to need to always be learning how to speak your truth. The ladies will help you be prepared for what happens after the fact!

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Tell your truth, honor your truth, and sit with it when it gets difficult.


“Truth-telling is all about managing what happens after you share that truth.” –Nicole


“I’m allowed to let you feel whatever you want to feel, and you’re allowed to feel it.” –Michelle


It’s not your job to “fix” someone else or pacify their uncomfortable truth.


When you let someone else speak their truth, it allows you to step aside and gain a deeper understanding about your own.


Allow yourself to take time to work through your triggers.


We have the choice to say, “This isn’t working for me anymore.”


Telling your truth does not mean being an asshole.


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