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50 – S6:E7 – Season Six Finale

We’ve reached the end of season six. Can you believe it? Nicole and Michelle are thrilled to be able to share with you today all of their favorite moments from the past season. Any opportunity to get together, hit record, and talk without an agenda is worth taking! That’s where the some of the best nuggets of wisdom show up.

We are so proud of all of our talented, world-changing guests and our Sparkle Skills resources. It’s been a labor of love! Thanks for taking this journey with us. Season Six has been one for the books. We are looking forward to many more adventures to come!

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Quotes and Shareables

“It’s so compelling to watch someone move with pure joy.” –Nicole


“We are not afraid to get weird in here.” –Michelle



“I want these women on the podcast because they are a part of the patchwork quilt that is my life.” –Nicole



Be a part of each other’s stories.



We aren’t any different than anyone else. We just talk about the world with each other.



Healing looks different for everyone.


Follow your curiosity.



Bring your special sauce to the world.

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