52 – The Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes: Fun with Angela Todd

Our favorite Cultural Historian, Angela Todd, is back on The Sparkle Hour for this summer sparkler mini-sode with a neat little trip down Memory Lane.

Her version of Summer Fun as an adult now includes some family bonding over a board game that she never thought she’d play, let alone get totally into (hint: she’s a Paladin).

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About Angela:

I spent 18 years as “archivist and senior research scholar” in a science archive at a top university, ferreting out women to add to the files. I gave up on dead people and moved to helping living women make history!

There’s a part of me that loves academia, but there’s a part of me that thinks it’s not attached to the “real world.” And I’ve always had side jobs that were completely different from academic life: pub cooking, driving a delivery van, working in a produce market.  They kept me connected.  For me, the two realms have to be braided together; they need to inform each other.  In my work now, they do.

I have undergraduate degrees in women’s studies and English, a Master’s degree in Literature and cultural theory, and hold the PhD/abd in cultural studies.


Angela Todd in red


Work with Angela Todd: AngelaLTodd.com

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Want some ideas on how to best preserve those special memories? Visit Angela’s website for free resources and special offers. AngelaLTodd.com

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