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53 – The Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes: Fun with Melissa Burgio

Melissa Burgio talks to Angels, and when she’s not doing holistic energy healing work she is into bicycle rides, barefoot walks, and some Frose with her girlfriends. Count us IN!

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About Melissa Burgio: Melissa Burgio is the founder of Soul Focus: Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit.  Having recently left the corporate world, Melissa is beyond thrilled to finally be living the life she has dreamed of. Her passion is to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. She found that with different healing modalities, she could make that happen.  Melissa is an Integrated Energy Therapy ®Master Instructor, Holy Fire Usui Reiki Level II Certified Practitioner and Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner®.



Work with Melissa Burgio: Email-  Phone (USA)- 617. 285.4424

Work with Nicole Lewis-Keeber:

Work with Michelle Lewis: The Blessings Butterfly

Make your own Frose (Frozen Rose’ Wine): Frozen Rose’ Wine Recipe

Beautiful forests around the world: Most Beautiful Forests

Plant some trees for the future generations: Tree Planting Tips

For some serious tree climbing: Tree Climbing/

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