55 – The Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes: Fun with Kathleen Shannon (um, sort of)


Summer 2018 is begging us to have some FUN, and we are happy to oblige. We are continuing our Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes Series with boss pal & shero, Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss and Braid Creative. You’ve heard us chat with Kathleen on the show a couple of times and we’ve loved having her on the show.  This time, however, Nicole and Michelle weren’t able to chat live with her but instead read an email from Kathleen on what she finds FUN.

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Check out our interview with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson- in their first interview for their new book!  Listen to the interview (Click here)

Get a copy of their new book, Being Boss, by clicking here: Being Boss book


Work with Kathleen Shannon:  (for all of your banding needs- www.braidcreative.com)   (to support your journey as an entrepreneur- Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson host Being Boss  beingboss.club)

Work with Nicole Lewis-Keeber:  Nicole.Lewis-Keeber.com

Work with Michelle Lewis: The Blessings Butterfly


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