57 – BONUS EPISODE: What We Took Away from Podcast Movement 18

In this bonus episode Nicole and Michelle explain why they were late for their own party! We’ll tell you how the VP of the US made us late for our own party and how Mercury Retrograde lit a small fire in us. Why we were in Philly and why we have to shout out to the amazing women we met. We share our thought process on the direction the podcast is taking.

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burned parcast bag from podcast movement
That one time when Nicole’s desk was on fire…


Shout outs go to:

Tracy Goodwin:    Vocal Coach and Podcast Post

Allante Whitmore:    Strengths Not Strikes

Beth Liebling         The Darling Way

Julie Purcell         Epic Creative

Jennie Wetter        https://www.reprosfightback.com/

Jessica Barnak     Jessica Barnak

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