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58 – Season 8 Opener: What Is It We’re REALLY Doing?

Season 8 begins and we’re even more clear on our mission and message, what our ripple really is all about. All that we’ve been working towards has led to this place: we are helping people to transform their trauma with humor, storytelling, and Sparkle Skills (TM) with each episode.

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Show Notes:

Nicole and Michelle are back from summer break and will be resuming the longer episode format.
In July, the ladies attended Podcast Movement in Philly. After attempting to share their vision with other conference attendees, they realized “We gotta get our shit together and tell people what we do here!”
The experience made the ladies start asking themselves, “What are we doing here? What is our purpose? What is the thing we want to be known for?” 
The answer?
“We help people heal and transform their trauma through the use of humor, storytelling, and Sparkle Skills.”
“We’re not here to label anybody, including ourselves. What we do want to do is to help normalize conversation about trauma, so that it doesn’t feel like such a stigma that you can’t talk about. That you can’t actually share…. Know that you are not alone. Know that there is a huge community around you just waiting for you to see it.”
In Season 8, you will be introduced to some really great guests who will blow you away!!! You’ll hear from guests doing trauma work the “traditional” way and some not-so-traditional!


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