65 – Season 8 Finale: Sparkle Hour Support for When You’re Triggered AF

This episode comes with a HSA – Heavy Sh*t Advisory.

As Season 8 draws to a close, we reflect on current events which may have triggered many women out there. It’s okay to get help. It’s okay to cry. It’s not your fault. There are little things you can do each day to help you keep going. PLUS – a little sidetrack about a neighbor dog.

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Show Notes

[4:58] We are devastated by their lack of care; their lack of concern.  We would be silly to think that that’s not going to impact us as a collective. We’d be silly to think that it’s not going to bring up stuff. And we owe it to ourselves and our sisters to talk about it, to share, to give resources, and to not hide it — not pretend everything’s okay when it’s not.

[8:05] It is okay to share your experience.  It is true that some people won’t believe it.  It is true that some people will push back against it. And it is true that there are some people who will find ways to blame you for it.  We’re here to tell you that is all bullshit.

[8:25] What you feel is real. You are allowed to feel that pain. It is absolutely, 100% your experience. Nobody can change that.  Nobody.

[8:30] If you need to talk to somebody, we want you to know it’s okay to reach out for therapy, to reach out for coaching, to reach out to someone who gives a shit.

[8:51] Your story matters.  Now more than ever. … And it’s worth telling.

[11:29]  Get the help you need because it’s absolutely, absolutely critical that you keep moving forward and keep healing and keep revealing your truths to tell your story.

[27:27] And the more specific you get, the less likely your inner critic is going to call bullshit on you.

[28:35] “Ugly cry face” is not fun, but it’s a very cleansing process. It’s acknowledging the pain. It’s not trying to numb it away. It’s not trying to run away from it. And it’s not trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

[30:29] This shit is not your fault.

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Your story matters. Now more than ever. ... And it’s worth telling.(1)

The Sparkle Hour(2)

It is okay to share your experience.The Sparkle Hour(1)This shit is not your fault.

What you feel is real. It is absolutely, 100% your experience. Nobody can change that. Nobody.



The following links are a compilation of skilled therapists trained in some of the healing modalities mentioned in today’s podcast, including trauma specialists, EMDR, and EFT practitioners.







Check out these trauma-healing focused podcasts:



National Domestic Violence Hotline

International Asylum Seekers

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Check out our Sparkle School for a collection of free SPARKLE SKILLS resources to support your healing & help transform your trauma

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