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66 – The Happy Holidays Minisodes Series

The Sparkle Hour Presents: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Your Minisode Series for Holiday Survival

The Sparkle Hour Presents: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Your Minisode Series for Holiday Survival

Michelle and Nicole are back with a brand new series of mini-sodes designed to offer you love, laughter, and support during the end-of-year holiday season. These bite-sized mini-episodes feature Special Guests, Holiday Survival Tips, Funny Anecdotes, Favorite Old/New Traditions, or even a beloved Shared Recipe. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

[00:49] Some holiday tips and some fun stuff and a just a little bit of support in bite-size nuggets.

[00:59] Like a one bite cookie for the holiday season

[1:50] We can bring a little joy and a little fun from some guest stories, some tips, an amazing recipe maybe you’ve never heard of.  Who knows?!

[2:06] The holidays are very special for lots of people and they’re also difficult for lots of people.
[2:40] Enjoy yourself!

[3:10] It’s magic. It’s like those little sparkly messages coming from us to you throughout the holiday season that is both beautiful and difficult – at the same time.

[3:41] Even if you don’t celebrate a certain something, everybody around you sure is and they’re bringing all that drama with ’em. Here’s a way for you to navigate through that with some sanity and some joy and some sparkle.

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