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67 – The Happy Holidays Minisodes: Nicole’s Permission Slip to Rewrite Your Holiday Experience

The Sparkle Hour Presents: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Your Minisode Series for Holiday Survival

The Sparkle Hour Presents: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Your Minisode Series for Holiday Survival

As the holidays quickly approach, Nicole gives us permission to redefine the way we experience the holidays. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Today Nicole shares a powerful tip for rewriting how you want to experience the holidays.

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Show Notes

[1:09] I’m sending you love and virtual cookies right now.

[1:44] The holidays are loaded, for sure.  Even if you have mildly annoying family dynamics – the holidays amp them up.

[2:00] Everyone goes into fast forward. They lose their presence of mind. They’re spending money they don’t have on things they won’t want a year from now.  All to prove something or act something out. Over 50% of the people I know doing this don’t want to. They’re doing it because they feel like they have to.

[2:23] You have permission to NOT do it.  You have permission to back it off a bit. You have permission to identify, “What do I really want?”  Because it is your holiday too.

[3:05] Give yourself your own permission slip to rewrite your holiday in a way that is fitting and supportive and joyful for you.

[3:31] Your entire life changes for two months or so, whether you like it or not.

[4:05] There are so many beautiful things about this time of year that I love — what can I hang on to? And what can I redefine?

[4:28] It’s a really beautiful thing when you can redefine what the holiday means to you, so you can celebrate it in a way that feels good.

[5:26] Go ahead and write that permission slip to yourself right now.


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