72 – The Happy Holidays Minisodes: A Trio of Unexpected Desserts

Michelle and Nicole have fun reviewing three super easy and seriously creative reincarnations of cereal-as-dessert recipes sent in by friend-of-the-show Julie Purcell of For Womankind. Gotta bring a dessert for the office party? WE GOT CHOO BOO. Recipes included!


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Show Notes

For WomanKind founder Julie Purcell has sent along some special recipes for creative desserts made with CEREAL!  #CerealAsDessert #DessertAsCereal

[4:01] The Baby Jesus Secret Reserve

[4:27] This could be an aggression management tool as well.  Getting some anger out. Crush those cookies!

[4:36] Smash the shit out of that broken peppermint bark!

[5:48] The Naughty Mix

[8:32] The Nice Mix

Happy Holidays Special Recipe: Julie’s Cereal As Dessert Trio (Click Here)




Connect with Julie Purcell: For Womankind Project

julie purcell


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