74 – Season 10 Opener: The Resolute Word of the Year

Michelle and Nicole are back for Season 10 with a new series of full-length episodes. We reflect on the practice of choosing a word for the year and encourage you to do the same!  Join our Facebook group and share YOUR word with us!

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Show notes

On this episode, we discuss the impact of choosing a word of the year to guide us, instead of setting ourselves up for failure with a futile New Year’s Resolution.  We encourage you to choose a word for this year and share it with us in The Sparkle Hour Facebook Group.

3:17 – The focus on one word changed so much!

5:07 – Taking something as simple as finding a theme word, a touchstone, a keyword, a guide, one word (or phrase) that became your mantra of the year — and it was a thing that you spend the next 365 days really examining, exploring, and seeing how you were able to embody that word or phrase.

6:33 – It’s powerful because each one of those words was a thing that helped you peel a new layer away and find the true you — even more so  year after year. And I think that’s really the beauty of picking a word of the year. We really get to see who we are and what we’re made of.

6:59 – We are so much more than some bull shit resolution about “I need to lose 10 lbs”
8:35 – And the #1 rule we that we had to reinforce a lot with people was that ‘You cannot abuse yourself with your Word.’

9:07 – When you do have your Word, it is supposed to guide you with love and it’s not to be used to beat yourself up.

9:52 – We would love to support you in finding ways to continue to empower yourself and find new strength – new levels of awesome – to achieve and attain because you deserve them.

12:17 – I know every word I ever chose.  I did Love; I did Success, Freedom, this (past) year has been Now.  I know every single one of them and can see how it guided me through the year to where I am now.  

*To find out which Resolute Word of the Year (RWOTY) that Nicole and Michelle each chose, and to share your own RWOTY, please visit The Sparkle Hour page on Facebook!

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