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75 – Transformational Retreats with Elaine Wellman

Elaine Wellman, professional event planner and coach, returns to The Sparkle Hour to share some insights and information about transformational retreat planning. She shares that one of the keys to a successful retreat is DOWNTIME and recounts a time where she was moved at a retreat by observing one of the participants.

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show notes

6:58 – That connection is the key to sales, if we just jump right to it. That is how you build the  know, like & trust. The trust being the most important, really, in those three things that lead to sales.  And when you are face to face with your ideal prospects and your current clients and you create a great experience for them, you are going to definitely deepen your relationship

13:04 – You can do your deepest work with people, I believe, when you are together – when you are face to face.

17:34 – A retreat is going to include space.  It’s going to include downtime. It could include pampering, which could look like a spa treatment or it could look like sitting at the pool reading a book.

23:24 – She showed up anyway.  She said her truth. “Oh my gosh. There’s nothing else required of you; you’re here.”

25:33 – Opportunities abound for you to show up in all of your shit, scared to death, freaked out. And finally, in that connection, in that space, that sacred space, where everybody is there having each others’ back – this kind of safe circle – you can actually be seen, heard, loved and valued.  That’s huge.

27:14 – It’s up to the leader to really create that safe space.

27:50 – Change is messy.  And we think that we go from the caterpillar to the butterfly, just like that! Boom!  But that’s not how it works. It’s messy and challenging.

28:16 – If we want to grow and experience change and transformation, it’s going to be some challenging and messy times. And it’s gonna all be worth it!

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