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76 – Getting Up in Your Ladybits with The Coochie Coach, Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown, The Coochie Coach, is a mompreneur on a mission to transform women’s conversations around sex & intimacy. Nikki is candid, authentic, & healing.

We are unfiltered in this conversation around the female anatomy, sexuality, and we talk about some tough stuff in this episode that may be triggering for people who have suffered sexual violence so feel free to stop listening and take a self-care break if it becomes too much for you.  You are not alone.

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show notes

[7:34] What happened 38 years ago is paramount to who I am right now, today. It had to happen.  Make no mistake. Whatever that thing was that took place 38 years ago, whatever healing / transformation I went through and am going through continuously every single day, to be on the other side was necessary.

[8:38] When people say, “Well, you need to do this way” or “You need to be quiet” or “Lower your voice”,  I say, “Take it up with the creator. ‘Cause I ain’t got sh*t to do with that.”

[15:51] I got sick and tired of trying to fit into some f*ckin’ box that I didn’t fit in; that didn’t belong to me.

[28:24] Taking responsibility makes me not a victim.  It makes me be strong. Every movement that gets created before, after, during my lifetime, will be needed because this is about generational healing.

[29:11] There is a healing that needs to happen on an ancestral level.

[33:40] Sh*t will go out. And you must go on.

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Nikki Brown a.k.a. “The Coochie Coach” is a Sexual Freedom Strategist with over 30 years of experience in transforming sexual trauma into sexual triumph. Nikki is a mompreneur on the move to transform the lives of women and girls all around the world in the area of sex and intimacy. Every conversation is candid and ruthlessly compassionate. Nikki is a mother, an author, an educator, a minister and certified womb wellness facilitator. Ms. Brown lives her mostly liberated life in New York City with her 21 year old and 5 year old. In her free time, Nikki enjoys traveling, writing and laughing with family and friends.

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