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78 – Oh, January…

Michelle and Nicole discuss the often chaotic energy around the month of January, and model how to show up in the shit even when you haven’t found the sparkle just yet.

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Show notes

January can be a challenging month.  As we move out of January, into February, we take a bit of time to reflect on the lessons we are already learning from our words of the year!  Nicole’s word of the year is “tend”. Michelle’s word of the year is “positivity”.

[1:55] The sparkle will come eventually, but right now it’s just the shit.

[8:22] There’s so much frantic energy and scarcity around time and what’s possible for a year…  You can totally earn an entire year’s worth on income in one month. It’s possible. We don’t have to start EVERYTHING in January.

[10:53] That’s a lot of pressure to put on one month…there’s a whole other 11 months in this year that are perfectly capable of helping you reach whatever it is you want to reach.

[13:10]  There’s more to [positivity] than a pretty picture or a nice quote or an inspirational quote that stuck with you. It’s a deeper dive into who we are as beings.  And it’s a deeper dive into who we are as society and as a community and as a world. It is WAY deeper than anything on the surface level.

[18:00] We never promised you ease or comfort…We promised you honesty, strength, and support, and to know that you can do this.

[18:42] So give yourself permission to take a breath. Give yourself permission to take a nap. To pause. To give yourself some space. Just to heal and get out of this self-created rat race.  

[19:12] Is this mine? Is this helpful? Can I let it go?

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