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79 – Vulnerable Leadership: Rebecca Teaff on Processing Difficult Circumstances While Being a Woman in Leadership

Rebecca Teaff, owner and chief creative officer of Redstart Creative, joins us to talk about the power of sharing your story.  She shares a bit of her own story and how powerful of a tool story is.

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[5:46] I’m very transparent… I don’t think anything should be secretive.

[7:02] I am a woman. So for me, I love to talk to other women in business.

[10:33] One of the biggest things we love to do is help an organization tell their story, and share their heart, and find their voice.

[11:53] We get more comments, likes, and shares on silly behind-the-scenes team pictures.

[13:16] Maybe I went through something very difficult, so I can shed some light for somebody else.

[15:59] When women have options, they have power.  When they have power, they have influence.

[20:52] We’re so multi-layered; we’re so complicated in so many beautiful ways, that you can have grief and joy going on at the exact same time. And that’s okay.

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Rebecca Teaff is the Owner, Founder, and Chief Creative Officer of Redstart Creative. Redstart Creative is a branding and digital marketing company building and supporting brands for women owned small businesses and non-profits in the educational, environmental and family support space. About Redstart Creative:

“Redstart Creative was established in 2009 with the mission to create clear communications for those who are driving positive change in the world i.e., people who make good things happen. This might sound simple, but by helping organizations working for positive change our impact is magnified.”

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