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80 – Ali Shapiro on Radical Healing & a Truce With Food

Our guest today is Ali Shapiro. Ali is the creator of Truce with Food®, host of the top-ranked podcast Insatiable, a holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach and rebel with a serious cause. She’s academically, practically, and empathetically aware of how the medical system, diet culture and body positivity movements all have their own flavor of crazy. She created her Truce with Food method while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her Masters in Organizational Dynamics, which is like getting an MBA in the change process, where she drew from her decade plus of working with real life clients and her own personal healing journey from having cancer as a teenager.

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show notes

[4:03] Our medical system, the diet movement, body positivity – any type of approach is only as healthy as the cultural myths it’s willing to examine.  

[10:33] What does it mean if we think that we don’t have any willpower? Let’s really look at that.  Is that a symptom? Or is that the real issue?

[17:11] Healing is violent and it’s beautiful and it’s like WTF, right?

[24:49] The body is this deep metaphor for vulnerability.

[25:13] The body is a mystery.  It will be the death of us. Literally.  That’s why we will pass on – from the body.

[26:48] A truce is really about being curious, and being curious about our story.

[37:09] We do need someone to help us guide that in a very curious, non-judgemental way – and I think that’s the big secret, that’s not a secret.  We don’t need all these people. We don’t need everyone to approve of us. We just need to find the people who are going to help us find our way.

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Ali Shapiro is a holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach and rebel with a serious cause. She hosts the Insatiable Podcast and is founder of Truce with Food®.

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