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82 – Michelle Lewis Pulls Back the Veil on Leading an Online Summit

Nicole interviews Michelle about the inner workings of hosting her online event, The Transformational Positivity Summit. Michelle gives a “backstage pass” to our listeners today about the creative process and learning from her experts, as well as some real talk about vulnerability.

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show notes

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[05:41] – It felt really awkward and scary and exciting and exhilarating … and then magic happens. 

[09:19] – Here’s where I’m stuck. How am I going to get past that? What do I need to do? How do I need to love myself through this, and what is on the other side? 

[11:40] – It’s about sharing, and showing people a different way of being. 

[13:08] – That’s how I processed my pain as a kid, and as a young person. – Putting on a smile and acting like everything was okay.  

[28:43] – We can always learn, we can always improve, we can always practice and get better at what it is that we want to. But we’re not going to do a damn thing until we’re ready.

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