64 – Choose Your Evolution with Bryna Haynes

Inspirational speaker, philosopher, seeker, waymaker, coach, and award-winning, best-selling author: Bryna Haynes is the creator of CHOOSE YOUR EVOLUTION. She empowers entrepreneurs, leaders, change-makers and influencers to harness their inner power and potential so they can create their ideal reality while serving their communities and the world. She believes that everyone is capable of living in their genius through conscious choice, inspired action—and, most importantly, knowing how to ask the right questions.

59 – Up to Some Badassery with Kathy Rasmussen and Samantha Parker

We considered turning this episode into a “drinking game” around the words “Badass” or “Badassery”, then reflected that we would be so plastered by the end, we decided not to roll with that.

Samantha & Kathy share the “origin story” of Badassery Magazine. How they met, how the clicked and how they grew into what they are today. They reflect on their relationship and how their complementary skills make the business work.