The Sparkle Hour is a fun & feisty* podcast for empowered women and woke menfolk.

Join us as we pull back the veil to reveal how we are taking control of our life stories and creating a movement of positive change. If you are ready to Feel, Laugh & Heal, this podcast is for you!

Our MissionĀ is to Develop a Dynamic Community of Empowered Women & Woke Menfolk who are Creating a Positive Ripple in society by Embracing the Freedom to Tell Their Story and become a Channel for Personal & Global Healing.

Our Vision is to Have Fun; Educate; Tell Our Story; Be Transparent; Guide & Empower; Foster Community and Create a Movement of Positive Change.

We are starting a revolution by helping people to transform their trauma through humor, storytelling, and Sparkle Skills!

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*sometimes we swear.
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