So much quality, plus entertaining as fuck

I fuckin’ love y’all! Listening to season 2 on binge play. Y’all made me feel like a little kid sitting with the adults at an event when you talked about Dani in the gender roles episode. I’m 25 and have thanked the gods so many times for teaching me many life lessons between 15-21. … Also, about gender roles in same sex relationships I was in a couple relationships with other chcks and it just didn’t really come up. It was like when women get together and just all pitch in… you just get your shit done… Anyway! I could talk about a whole lot more about things and observations that y’all stir up but I just wanted to include the above to show how rich and full of depth your conversations are. So much quality, plus entertaining as fuck. Keep it up! I’m going to continue sprinkling the shit out of your sparkles with everyone I know who enjoys podcasts!!! – Empressa